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 Server/Site Suggestion Thread

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Server/Site Suggestion Thread Empty
PostSubject: Server/Site Suggestion Thread   Server/Site Suggestion Thread Icon_minitimeFri Jan 07, 2011 5:58 pm

Server/Site Improvements Suggestions Thread

At the moment I'm very happy about the status and settings of the server and ofcourse the community. There are always little spots to find even at the most popular servers, so people want to express their opinions somewhere, and thats why I made this topic.

I've got some suggestions already, well, some are mentioned in the server but I thought posting them here;
You can post in this topic further suggestions, so I will add them. When posting suggestions it is important to give feedback:
Why you want it to be improved? and not just "Soldur moar bazukas" First it is spelled wrong and second you don't give the reason why?

Keeping those things in the mind we keep this topic clean and easy to read, and feel free to post anything related to these suggestions, comments and opinions are also appreciated.

Server Improvements:
Unknown Like a Star @ heaven Remove adrenaline completely (red syringe, when you get medic at level 4)*
Like a Star @ heaven Slightly more damage for Headshots (Experienced users can get an advantage with it, and it helps better aiming)
Like a Star @ heaven Mine's of teammates can not be overrun, some people do it now on purpose.
Unknown Like a Star @ heaven To many bots playing, 14 bots total = 7vs7 at the moment. 5vs5 would be a better solution.

Site Improvements:
Like a Star @ heaven New subsection for banned users, "Unban requests" can be posted here, read and replied by admins
granting or not granting their removal of their IP Ban.
Like a Star @ heaven Background image site, using a more lighter and coloured (ET relevant) background.
Fixed Like a Star @ heaven Welcoming image when you enter the site is nice made but it's gone pixelated (blurry) probably .JPG extension made it this way, please fix this or make a new one.
Like a Star @ heaven Better communication services between members and admins / vice versa. This needs to be better. Shoutbox on the site can be an improvement. Also TeamSpeak server can help contact an admin faster when something happens.

Pros: (The things that are really good right now!)
Like a Star @ heaven Not much lag in the server referencing to connectivity. (ping/latency) [And when it lags it partly depends on the client not the server]
Like a Star @ heaven You don't need to download much to enter the server (beginners friendly) [Probably only jaymod, christmass pack for the moment and some popular maps]

Cons: (The things that are not so good and doesn't have an improvement suggestion idea for it)
Currently empty!

Approved = When a suggestion got approved and the changes will be set in motion.
Cancelled = When a suggestion got cancelled and it wouldn't be applied to the situation.
Unknown = An unknown condition happens when opinions differ from eachother or an suitable solution did not work out yet.
Alternative = A partly fixed solution, or an alternative is suggested and approved.
Fixed = A problem/glitch/bug/error etc. is fixed now.

* = They are however, added to all classes when reaching medic level 4, but you
would never be able to kill multiple kills because of spawning new enemies with full MP bar.
(and so able to use it instantly again)
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Server/Site Suggestion Thread
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