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 Introduction Scyther.

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Introduction Scyther. Empty
PostSubject: Introduction Scyther.   Introduction Scyther. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 06, 2011 7:13 pm


Straight to the point:

I just came to register because I want to be heard ! xD
Now, I've got some experience with ET, like 5 years with some pauze's.

Well, I'm not going to join the clan, I just registered to have a voice.
It happens much when you join a server and you don't have any input.

When you talk to certain members they look down on you, like "Ha! Look
me and my admin powers! tomorrow I probably will be level 6!" Well, i've
seen different behaviours ranging from talkless beginners with no coloured names
to selfish guys who always seeks a win.

You can win or loose, your behaviour being tramped or scrooged, whenever you see
you know it, but can't say it. What I mean with this, sometimes you know your having a
good day in ET, but every medic of the other team is teaming up. So you got like 4% chance
for killing all three medics at once on a specified location, mostly in this case, I just leave, or
going spectator to watch what their doing and why.

I don't know if this clan had a guy named ShnayderBoy.
He asked for levels and [confirmed] uses aimbot now and then. (When being in the picture
he sets it off, and talks miserable english "me put off".

I already play a week in this server, 've seen eQual, B-G0d, trusty, frisky, micha, jAnne and many
others I forgot. I also play in .dw and h2o servers (you can find them on et.splatterladder.com)

For me?
Hard to get your skill set in a public jaymod/nq/etpub servers, but trust me; in ETPro is
everything is harder. Not that I have played ETPro much, just know how it works.

Nowadays ET is dying and this site and clan probably exist for half a year and we get on with
our life. When we play ET we seek more than just a few kills.

I have a bad computer I must say; reaching 18 fps in wurzburg radar and 25 fps in rail gun on some
occassions. So I put a map rotation on the suggestions and ideas section where people with poor computers
still get some decent fps with it.

Just to get 'frag' sum n0obs!' behaviour is out of the questiob with me, I am a listener!
I was in Prime Squadron clan some time ago... man, you need to play like a year non-stop in their
server to be allowed to join. It's a very big community and they got 5 servers with always people playing in it.

Ranged from 'nooby' easy apply clans, to hardline pro/scrim clans i've probably joined in like 8 different clans.
I don't drink, I don't smoke, believe me you don't play ET better with it! =)

However, I play ET on a laptop, and prime squadron server is to hard to handle for my pc. (dunno why though).
Okay, I've told some stories here and there. And probably this topic gets trashed because nobody reads it.

Xfire: Blackelite12 (almost never on it though)
ET Skill nowadays: Low+
ET Skill 2 years ago: Med+, High--
Other names in server: Frag., A.nw, some random name I come up with
and play in the server so they think a noob has joined. =D
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Introduction Scyther. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introduction Scyther.   Introduction Scyther. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 06, 2011 8:02 pm

Hello dude. I'm not in XaX' but this is so nice introducting Smile . Smile Cheerssss !
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Introduction Scyther.
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