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 About Xfire

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PostSubject: About Xfire   About Xfire Icon_minitimeThu Jan 06, 2011 5:59 pm

What is Xfire :

Xfire is an instant messenger, through which you can see what and where she is currently playing colleagues, of course, the program also works the other way, or your colleagues are aware of what you currently play. The program also has some interesting options, including calculates how much time you have played your game (better if this program did not get into the hands of your parents. Wink) Xfire also has a feature whereby "you put" your pictures to your profile.

Instalation :

Xfire can be downloaded from: http://www.xfire.com/download/

1.Click on Download

2.When you download the installer open

3.Select the language

4.After regard to the license, press the I Agree

5.Select installation location and click Next.

6.W next we will have three choices:

-Install a desktop icon Xfire

- Install Xfire icon to the Quick Launch toolbar

- Start when Windows starts Xfire

7.When we select the corresponding option and click on Install.

8.Whan installation is complete, select Reboot Now to restart your computer.


- Click on the box on the New User Registration.

- You fill in the fields:

- Username - enter a nickname here, when you type and click on 'Check Proxy' to see if your nickname is not busy, if not fill in the following fields

- Email-enter your email address, which will be sent a password and nickname

- Confirm Email - your email address to confirm

- Gender - choose your sex

- Birthday - choose his date of birth

- Password - enter your password.

- Confirm Password - confirm your password.

- Verify Security Code - rewrite the code from the 'Security Code'.

- The following fields are optional:

- First Name - our name.

- Last Name - your name.

- Country - the country from which they come.

- Zip Code - Postal code.

- Send me information Regarding Xfire features and services

- Send me special offers from selected partners Xfire

Cheers, and Enjoy using Xfire !!
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About Xfire
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