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PostSubject: Slasher   Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:58 pm

Hello my name is Slasher,

some of you already know me..

I want to join.. but im banned, banned for WH

In all my ET years I never used Hacks...

and I did abused XTC, but never HST and oOo.

I will only join XaX if there is PUNKBUSTER, this will clean the server a lot.

Please let there be Punkbuster in the server! I beg you! than I won't abuse any one anymore...

and btw, is there evidence of me hacking? did you record a demo?

Thanks, looking forward to a fun punkbuster server in the future.

*Real Name: Ralph
*In-Game Name: Slasher
*Age: 19
*Country: NL
*City: -
*How Long You Play ET: 5 Years with some breaks
*Clans You Have Been In: KS|
*Favorite class: Medic/Eng
*Reason Why We Shall Recruit You: I don't know... you guys know how I am..
*Xfire?: slashergeneral <- add me ! more communication in the clan is better!
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