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 No Recoil / [S] Aimbot Spotted! #4

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No Recoil / [S] Aimbot Spotted! #4 Empty
PostSubject: No Recoil / [S] Aimbot Spotted! #4   No Recoil / [S] Aimbot Spotted! #4 Icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 10:27 pm

This is case 4 already and I'm 100% sure this guy cheats.
We collected enough evidence now.

IMPORTANT: Watch All The Video's CAREFULLY.!!

Video 1: mediafire.com ?e51p7auscww1qlf
Video 2: mediafire.com ?vbj6n3td945yask
Video 3: mediafire.com ?5aah6zvt5g5548n
Video 4: mediafire.com ?fgte0c6lvw6211w
Video 5: mediafire.com ?a1v0iuiqzzplcwm
Video 6: mediafire.com ?0mdd18omg2o71lf <-- This video is one week ago, when trustz and frisky with me and slasher discussed about him. ESPECIALLY THE LAST KILL AT SLASHER WAS A SNAP-ON CLEARLY VISIBLE!!!

mediafire.com rypiaiw9gbanday <-- Download Recordfile and paste it in your Jaymod->demos folder and watch it in-game, worth watching.

Username: XTC
Spotted by: Scyther, Slasher, Razor.
With suspiciousy spotted by Tru$tz and Fr!sky. (We discussed before).
File: All files together less than 1 MB !!
Actions: No recoil, Hard to see it with Enemy Territory but with pistols (Which obviously go up when you shoot) you can see it stays EXACTLY on the same place. Second main issue Smooth Aimbot, this [S]-Aimbot has been setted on DEGREE, which means; for example he put it on 10° than it SNAPS the head when your close enough aiming to the head. (Less Detectable But Follows Each Head Accumulative!) <-- Sk!bb uses sprint in the video but still in the speed he goes, he got snapped and got killed with 3 headshots.

Allen got killed at SuperGoldrush with 3 headshots with full sprint, and XTC wasn't even touching him with his crosshair!! Watch video 4 for what I mean.

XTC acts very weird for example: He killed someone and has 30hp left, he doesn't heal instead he is 'searching' for another person which comes by. He doesn't reload his weapon occassionaly, he killed someone and forgot to reload. (Yeah yeah, really ETPro like to go in a fight with 9 bullets left in magazine and more rounds ready for reload!)

There are no virusses/malware in the files ofcourse.
It's a .dm_84 file, suitable to replay in your ET game.

This is no rant about a member, this is nothing but the truth.
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No Recoil / [S] Aimbot Spotted! #4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: No Recoil / [S] Aimbot Spotted! #4   No Recoil / [S] Aimbot Spotted! #4 Icon_minitimeThu Jan 13, 2011 8:53 pm

he is not cheating
he is a good gamer plays etpro and if you have ever played at a higher lvl of skills then you know that you cant heal that much if you kill many in jaymod and etpro
get skills
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No Recoil / [S] Aimbot Spotted! #4
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